Product Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty on all new and used motorcycle parts and accessories sold by North Atlantic Cycles. The warranty period begins immediately upon receipt of your item and ends 30 days thereafter. All new and used items include a 30 day warranty unless noted otherwise ("Due to the nature or condition of this item, there is no warranty or guarantee offered.") or the used item is excluded from a warranty as one of the following wear or previously worn items:

  1. Sprockets
  2. Bearings
  3. Seals
  4. Gaskets
  5. Bushings
  6. Cables
  7. Internal Engine Components
  8. Used Tires
  9. Any other items designated as a "Wear Item"

Before purchasing a part removed from a used motorcycle, please keep in mind that these items have been previously used and are not in new condition unless noted otherwise. Some functions or conditions cannot been visually seen or tested prior to sale, as is the nature of some used motorcycle parts. Our goal is to offer quality parts to our customers at a competitive price and in good working condition.

If you receive an item that you are not satisfied with for any reason,

please contact us first so that we can try and make it right!

 (603) 270-6591